New Deliveries

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ANAC - Argentina, -

The Administracion Nacional de Aviacion Civil of Argentina took delivery of one new Oshkosh Striker 6x6 in Spring 2013.

Truck Options

Engine:Caterpillar C16
Transmission:Allison 4800 EVS
Suspension:TAK4 fully independent

Fire Fighting System

Water Tank Size:3000 gallons
Foam Tank Size:420 gallons
Dry Chemical System:550 pounds
Roof Turret:Oshkosh with Williams Hydrochem nozzle and extra manual backup controls
Bumper Turret:Feecon
Key Features:
  • Pre-connected hose each side of truck in lower compartments with 200' hose
  • Structural firefighting system with water intakes and discharges 
  • 10KW generator with 110 VAC auxiliary lighting