New Deliveries

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Atlantic City International Airport - Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City International Airport took delivery of their Oshkosh Striker 6x6 with Snozzle.
Model:Striker 3000

Truck Options

Fire Fighting System

Water Tank Size:3000 gallons
Foam Tank Size:420 gallons
High Reach Extendable Turret:Snozzle
Dry Chemical System:550 pounds
Roof Turret:Oshkosh with Akron nozzle
Bumper Turret:Oshkosh Low Attack design with Williams Hydrochem nozzle at 625/1250GPM
Key Features:
  • Pre-connected hose each side of truck in lower front compartments with Akron Assault nozzles
  • Dual agent hose reel in an upper compartment with Williams Hydrochem nozzle
  • Rear steer system to increase maneuverability and dramatically reduce tire wear
  • Central lubrication system to aid preventative maintenance practices on the vehicle
  • Other key features include a 10KW generator with 110 VAC auxiliary lighting, all LED warning lights, cab mounted spotlights, turret mounted spotlights, MADAS vehicle data logger