New Deliveries

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Singapore Changi Airport - Changi , Singapore

The Singapore Changi Airport in Singapore recently took delivery of five Oshkosh Global Striker ARFF vehicles.
Job Number:730364

Truck Options

Engine:Deutz TCD 16.0 L V8, 697 hp
Transmission:Allison 4800 EVS

Fire Fighting System

Water Tank Size:3000 gallons
Foam Tank Size:420 gallons
Dry Chemical System:550 pounds
Key Features:
  • Roof turret is an Oshkosh with an aspirating nozzle
  • Bumper turret is an Oshkosh with Williams Hydrochem nozzle
  • Engine Deutz TCD 16.0 L V8 with 2,131 ft./lbs. of torque and 700 HP, Tier 4i Euro 5 emissions compliant
  • Transmission Allison 4800 EVS 7-speed automatic
  • Suspension TAK4 fully independent
  • Other key features include Oshkosh rear steer system