New Deliveries

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PNG National Airports Corporation, Ltd. - Papua New Guinea - -, -

PNG National Airports Corporation, Ltd. in Papua New Guinea took delivery of (3) new Oshkosh Striker 1500's, (2) are furnished with high flow roof turrets and (1) with an Oshkosh Snozzle "HRET" High Reach Extendible Roof Turret
Job Number:758828, 758829, 758830

Truck Options

Engine:Caterpillar C18
Transmission:Allison 4800 EVS
Suspension:TAK4 fully independent

Fire Fighting System

Water Tank Size:6100 liters
Foam Tank Size:856 liters
High Reach Extendable Turret:Oshkosh Snozzle with high flow nozzle and Piercing Tip
Dry Chemical System:227 KG
Roof Turret:Oshkosh turret with Feecon nozzle
Bumper Turret:Oshkosh Low Attack with Akron nozzle
Key Features:
  • Electronic foam proportioning system
  • Other key features include fixed mount ladders on roof, 10KW generator with 110VAC auxiliary lighting, LED warning lights, HID scene lights