XRS Extreme Runway System



The XRS is a faster, simpler way to handle the most severe winter climate conditions.  The sheer size is awe-inspiring, but it's the capability that is most impressive. By combining a Blower, Plow, Sweeper and Air Blower in one unit, the runway clearing process is simplified.  There's less equipment, fewer operators and one platform for maintenance and training.

XRS-Extreme Runway System Video

Key Features


  • Oshkosh heavy-duty single piece frame

  • Oshkosh designed and tested transfer case/axle

  • Oshkosh ALL STEER system

  • Oshkosh Command Zone CAN control system with self diagnostics

  • Corrosion resistant aluminum cab with fiberglass roof and fascia

  • Full-Length stainless steel piano type door hinges

  • EPA 2010 compliant drive engine


  • Designed and built for the most severe snow conditions

  • Proven 2-stage design snow blower head

  • Dual, variable speed hydro static ribbons

  • Clears snow widths up to 20 ft. (6 m) in a single pass


  • Single piece of equipment for snow removal operations

  • Reduces number of vehicles in runway conga line

  • Enhanced operator utilization

  • Ready for towed broom integration


Download - XRS-Extreme Runway System Spec Sheet

Download - Snow Products Brochure

XRS-Extreme Runway System Video



Front Axle:

• Oshkosh® Model 29K, single reduction with special heat treated alloy steel shafts, driver-controlled traction differential and Oshkosh cage ring type steering ends

• 6.17:1 ratio

Rear Axle:

• Eaton 17427, full floating, single reduction with special heat treated alloy steel shafts and driver-controlled traction differential

• 6.14:1 ratio

Cooling System:

• Radiator core (auxiliary) – fin and tube type with de-aeration system

• Fan – temperature controlled clutch

• Spin on coolant filters

• Silicone radiator and heater hoses

Drive Engine:

• Cummins ISX 12 L in-line 6 cylinder, 4 cycle


• Single formed channel made of carbon manganese steel, heat treated

• Yield strength – 120,000 psi (827 Mpa) minimum

• RBM – 2,818,000 in.-lb. per rail

• Construction – Grade 8 flanged bolts and flanged locknuts

Transfer Case*:

• Oshkosh 55000 Series, rear axle declutch

• 2.66:1 and 0.98:1 ratios


• Allison® Rugged Duty Series, 4-speed electronic

• Front – 29,000 lbs. (12,247 kg)

• Rear – 26,000 lbs. (10,433 kg)

• Total – 55,000 lbs. (22,680 kg)


• 164 in. (4,166 mm)


• Steel disc

• 20 x 10 in. (508 x 254 mm)



• Hydraulic SAE No. 1 housing, engage/disengage

• 14 in. (356 mm) 3 plate

Drop Box:

• Oshkosh 2 Speed

• Lubrication – pressurized system

Blower Engine (4 Cycle):

• Caterpillar® C-18, in-line 6 cylinder, 4 cycle

• Displacement – 1,105 cubic in. (18.1 L)

• Horsepower – 700 @ 2,100 rpm

• Governed rpm – 2,250

• Heated fuel/water separator

Ribbon Augers:

• Dual in-feed 30 in. (762 mm) diameter x 117 in. (2972 mm) long

• Wing-mounted, left and right hand, at 56° angle to direction of travel

• Reversible ribbon drives, with hydraulic override and relief

• Chain direct drive, powered by 90M Series 55cc fixed displacement hydraulic motors


• 73 in. (1,854 mm) diameter, 6 blades, 2 shear bolts

in impeller shaft flange

• Impeller housing constructed of AR400 plate for high-wear resistance

• Individually removable impeller blades

• Rotating impeller chute housing, thru 160° total swing, left to right

XRS Blower Head:

• Overall dimensions:

- Length 143.8 in. (3653 mm)

- Width 235.2 in. (5,974 mm) – exceeds sweeping

path of largest sweepers

- Height 79.2 in. (2,012 mm)

- Gross weight 14,420 lbs. (6,541 kg)

• Lift-assist caster wheel sub-assemblies, left and right wing-mounted, 1/16 in. (2 mm) shim adjustable

• Hydraulic lift, 2 in. (51 mm) rod x 1 in. (25 mm) stroke, single acting, 23 in. (584 mm) dual caster pneumatic rubber caster tires mounted on each bogie

• 13 in. (330 mm) hydraulic actuated caster brakes to eliminate caster shimmy

• Abrasion resistant SETCO solid rubber composite bolt-on cutting edge


Heavy-Duty Construction:

• High-performance tow broom for multi-function high-speed snow removal

• QSX 11.9 Tier 4i EPA certified broom engine

• Oshkosh designed and manufactured steering axle is heavy-duty and sealed from the elements

• Heavy-duty mechanical landing gear for storage

• Heavy-duty sealed slewing ring bearing design

Oshkosh® Command Zone™ Broom Control:

• Optional Oshkosh Smart Pattern system knows when brooming occurs and compensates for bristle wear for consistent broom pattern

• Optional ground speed control adjusts broom rpm based upon chassis speed

• Interactive display with joystick and switches integrated in arm rest

• Simultaneous multi-function operations with coordinated broom and air blast movement

Smart Design:

• 46 in. (1168 mm) diameter broom available in 18, 20 and 22 ft. (5.5 m, 6.1 m and 6.7 m) widths

• Active weight transfer balances weight distribution and ensures proper broom pattern

• Broom positioning and pattern control from the cab or broom engine enclosure

• Hydraulic system features clean hose routings and single point access for filter replacement

• Electronic broom modules grouped in one accessible location

• Mechanical cooling system is efficient and reliable

SIB Brushtech

The SIB Cassette Brush System is the premier sweeping system for keeping airport operational areas and highways clear of ice, snow, rubber, sand and F.O.D. (Foreign Object Debris). The SIB core and cassette are adapted to one another for optimal function and maximum life cycle.

For more information visit the SIB Brushtech Page

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