The Striker promises to be the most innovative ARFF vehicle in the world. Under intense development for more than three years, it was designed through the voice of the customer to deliver unmatched performance.

Striker 4x4

The Striker 4x4 offers innovative fire suppression, unmatched chassis performance in a sleek aerodynamic design.

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Oshkosh ARFF Striker 4x4

Striker 6x6

Wrapped in a sleek and aerodynamic body, the Striker is offered with a wide range of industry leading innovations.

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Oshkosh ARFF Striker 6x6

Striker 8x8

With a water tank that stores 4,500-gallons and a 630-gallon foam tank, this model goes from 0 to 50mph in less than 25 seconds.

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Oshkosh ARFF Striker 8x8