EV Driving Mode for the Striker® Volterra™ ARFF Truck

Welcome to Oshkosh Airport Products' series on the innovative features of the Striker Volterra ARFF vehicle. In this installment, we explore the innovative EV driving mode component of the Striker Volterra ARFF truck - a groundbreaking feature which delivers eco-friendly and efficient airport firefighting operations. As an industry leader in airport firefighting equipment, we are committed to providing you with accurate and relevant information on this advanced technology. Dive into the benefits of the Striker Volterra ARFF truck's EV driving mode, including reduced carbon emissions, improved energy efficiency, and noise reduction, all contributing to safer and more sustainable airport firefighting solutions.

X-ray of Striker Volterra evDriveMode

What is EV Driving Mode and How Does it Work on the Striker Volterra ARFF Truck?

EV (Electric Vehicle) Driving Mode is an innovative feature on the Striker Volterra ARFF Truck which allows the vehicle to operate in an all-electric mode, using battery power for normal airport operations. This mode is automatically engaged, enabling the vehicle to exit the fire station emission-free. The Striker Volterra ARFF truck manages its battery capacity intelligently to ensure it is always ready to respond. The vehicle operates in all-electric mode until maximum performance is required, the usable battery capacity is low, or the water pump is engaged.

What Speed Can the Striker Volterra ARFF Truck Reach in EV Driving Mode Before Switching to Hybrid Driving Mode?

In EV Driving Mode, the Striker Volterra ARFF truck is capable of speeds exceeding 50 MPH. The vehicle automatically transitions to hybrid driving mode based on acceleration requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency during operation.

Does the Striker Volterra ARFF Truck Ever Need to Run Entirely on the Diesel Engine?

The Striker Volterra ARFF Truck is designed to operate in EV or hybrid mode at all times. However, a unique characteristic of this vehicle is its ability to operate in diesel mode if there is any problem with the high-voltage battery. This redundancy feature ensures reliable performance in case of system failures.

What are the Benefits of EV Driving Mode?

EV Driving Mode offers several benefits for airport firefighting operations.

Reduced carbon emissions: By operating in an all-electric mode during normal airport operations, the Striker Volterra ARFF truck significantly reduces its carbon footprint.

Improved energy efficiency: The vehicle employs regenerative braking to save energy, enhance efficiency, and decrease brake wear and heat.

Noise reduction: EV mode reduces noise in the fire station and on the scene (when not pumping) or in standby mode, as the diesel engine remains off.

By How Much Can Emissions Be Reduced in EV Driving Mode?

Telemetry data from Striker Volterra ARFF vehicles indicate the onboard energy system can support most vehicle usage. If the fire department maximizes EV mode use, overall fuel consumption and carbon emissions related to fuel use can be reduced by up to 75%.

What Additional Safety Benefits Does the Striker Volterra ARFF Truck Offer?

In addition to the reduced emissions and improved efficiency, the Striker Volterra ARFF Truck also provides noise reduction benefits. By eliminating engine-related noise in EV mode and using smart control of the electrified powertrain in pump mode, the vehicle operates more quietly, enhancing safety and comfort for both firefighters and the surrounding environment.

What Other Scenarios Would EV Driving Mode Be Implemented Outside of Leaving or Entering the Station?

EV Driving mode is suitable for normal airport driving scenarios, such as traveling along perimeter roads and terminals. The vehicle can operate in all-electric mode until maximum performance is needed or the water pump is engaged, offering an eco-friendly and efficient solution for various airport operations.

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