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5 Ways to Optimize Heavy Machinery Maintenance

Heavy machinery usually isn’t cheap, and that makes proper maintenance on these investments extremely important. Proper maintenance techniques will help you get the most out of your machinery, and keep your machinery operating safely. 

Avoiding unexpected machinery malfunctions keeps operating costs low, and increase the life of your vehicle. 

Here are 5 ways to optimize heavy machinery maintenance.

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1) Routine, Routine, Routine!

Consistency is key when it comes to keeping your machinery running smoothly. Having a well thought out action plan will help keep everything in tip-top shape, and minimize the chances of unexpected malfunctions. 

Detailed checklists, sign off sheets, and scheduled professional inspections are all ways to make sure all of your machines are being kept up to date. Keeping records of performed maintenance on file helps avoid uncertainties that may arise in the future. 

2) Don’t Overwork Your Machines

Knowing your machine’s limits is crucial to maximizing its lifespan, as well as keeping everyone safe. The machine’s manual should have exact specifications on what it can and cannot handle. It’s better to take the time to find the right machine for the job than risk an accident.

3) Engine Maintenance

Keeping your engines in good shape plays a vital role in maintaining your heavy machinery. Making sure that your engine is properly lubricated with the right kind of oil is important in protecting your engine’s components. Make sure that you use the right kind of lubricant for each part of your engine since they require various types. Also make sure not to use too much lubricant.

Air filtration and fuel quality are also things that you should inspect. Check for any openings that could be letting in unfiltered air, which can be detrimental to your engine’s health.

4) Safely Store Your Equipment

Keeping your equipment locked in a safe environment will prevent damage from environmental conditions, as well as make sure that unauthorized personnel can’t interact with it.

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Climate-controlled sheds or garages provide the best shelter for your heavy machinery. That type of structure will help prevent your equipment from rusting due to moisture, as well as avoid UV damage.

It’s also very important to keep the area around your machinery clean. Debris and clutter are just an accident waiting to happen.

5) Educate Your Operators

Since your operators are going to be the ones primarily using your heavy machinery, it’s very important that they know how to properly do so. Classroom training, hands-on learning, and on-the-job training are all excellent ways to keep your employees up to date.

 Machine-specific manuals are also a great way to ensure proper use of the exact equipment that your employees will be using. Routinely going over safety best practices is also a great way to help prevent occupational injuries.

Practicing routine proper maintenance is the best way to extend the lifetime of your heavy machinery. These steps will save you money in the long-run, and help prevent occupational injuries.

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