Hybrid Acceleration for the Striker® Volterra™ ARFF Truck

Welcome to Oshkosh Airport Products' series on the innovative features of the Striker Volterra ARFF vehicle. In this installment, we explore the hybrid acceleration. As an industry leader in airport firefighting equipment, we are committed to providing you with accurate and relevant information on this advanced technology. Dive into the benefits of the Striker Volterra ARFF truck's hybrid acceleration below.

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What is Hybrid Acceleration? 

Hybrid acceleration is made possible by a drivetrain that utilizes power from an onboard battery as well as the vehicle's engine. This feature enables both the diesel engine and high-voltage (HV) battery to obtain maximum acceleration performance. When the response demands full acceleration performance, the combustion engine will automatically start. 

How Does Hybrid Acceleration Work In the Striker Volterra ARFF?

Based on driver input, the combustion engine is automatically started and smoothly engaged. Power delivery is optimized between the HV battery and the combustion engine to maximize acceleration performance.

Does Hybrid Acceleration Have Increased Performance Compared to Standard Acceleration?

Acceleration is improved on the Striker Volterra ARFF platform. While a conventional Striker can accelerate from 0-50 mph in about 32 seconds, the fully loaded Striker Volterra ARFF in its heaviest configuration can obtain the same speed in under 25 seconds. The electrification is applied to fire apparatus in a way that enhances performance and reduces emissions through all-electric driving and a downsized engine. The differences that the electro-mechanical infinitely variable transmission (EMIVT) and Striker Volterra ARFF offer is to provide improved performance in the form of acceleration capability with a downsized engine. This allows the truck to meet extreme performance criteria like 50% gradeability, 70 mph top speed and uninterrupted full pumping performance with the standard 2,000 gpm and 250 PSI water pump. 

Are There Any Operational Differences for an ARFF Crew With Hybrid Acceleration?

The ARFF crew will require no additional training or familiarization to perform the mission. The UI (user interface) of the Striker Volterra ARFF is the same as that of the conventional Striker. An additional gauge is provided to allow the driver to maintain electric vehicle (EV) mode without starting the combustion engine, if desired. The driver also has an EV button that can be used to either start the engine from EV mode, or to re-attain EV mode for zero emissions entry to the fire station.

What Are the Safety Benefits of Hybrid Acceleration In the Striker Volterra ARFF Truck?

Regardless of the state of charge, the performance of the vehicle will not degrade based on Oshkosh testing. Enhanced acceleration performance of the Striker Volterra ARFF truck allows drivers to meet response times while allowing for safe maneuvering on the way to the site.

What Makes the Striker Volterra ARFF's Hybrid Acceleration Stand Out?

One of the crucial differentiators is our patented “Response Oriented” SOC (state of charge) management. There are two elements to this that set our solution apart:

1.) The EMIVT has the capability to seamlessly restore SOC in the battery independent of vehicle speed. This unique capability allows the driver to maintain SOC and thus performance regardless of the response scenario.

2.) Our software is designed and tested with emergency response in mind so that the SOC is always adequate to respond to any conceivable airport scenario.

Based on these two elements of our design, we have a solution that supports consistent ARFF response without the need for an over-size combustion engine, or a reduction in performance based on SOC of the HV battery.

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