Whether your airport is facing budget cuts, increased maintenance costs or insufficient funds to support an aging fleet, Oshkosh Capital offers solutions to help keep your crew ready and able to respond.  Our team of experts is dedicated to helping airports upgrade fleets with customized financing to meet strict budget requirements. 

Keep your crew equipped and responsive with Oshkosh Capital financing services. 

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Solution Driven Financing

Lock In Today's Rates With Our Prepay Program
Lower the cost of your equipment with prepayment discounts and no upfront expense.

Get Equipment With No Long-Term Debt
Lease payments can be budgeted as operating expenses, which means no long-term debt and no voter referendum.

Build Equity With Each Payment
Each payment increases your equity in the equipment. Our standard municipal lease allows you to purchase the equipment for just $1 at the end of the lease term.

Conserve Your Capital
We provide 100% financing with no closing costs so you can use available capital for operations or other needs.
Upgrade Now And Pay Later
Acquire the snow and ARFF equipment you need now and start paying in your next budget year with our flexible payment structures.  This means you'll avoid price increases and take advantage of today's low financing rates.

Lower Payments With Fixed Rates
Oshkosh Capital passes savings onto you through lower rates and payments.  Rates are fixed for the entire lease term, simplifying your budget requirements.

Flexible Payment Options
Oshkosh Capital works with you to develop a payment plan the fits into your budget requirements. Standard terms range from 2-10 years, with annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly payment plans, as well as step-up or step-down payment structures.