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Oshkosh’s Eco EFP- The Next Step in ARFF Foam Testing

Posted by Ella Pelot on December 6, 2019
All features used on your fire rescue vehicle are required to be tested regularly in order to ensure its effectiveness; why should your foam system be any different? Oshkosh’s Eco EFP is an ARFF foam ...
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4 Key Snozzle Enhancements

Posted by Tommy Culshaw on April 30, 2018
The Snozzle has been a powerful firefighting tool for many fire departments. Oshkosh has made key updates and enhancements over the last few years that make the Snozzle even more effective and ...
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ARFF Trucks vs. Municipal Trucks – Whats the Difference?

Posted by Tommy Culshaw on January 29, 2018
Fighting fires at any location requires the proper type of fire apparatus to get the job done. You may know that airports have their own separate types of fire trucks, but what makes these aircraft ...
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Snow Plow vs Blower – Which Should You Use on Your Runways?

Posted by Tommy Culshaw on December 19, 2017
SNOW PLOW VS BLOWER – WHICH SHOULD YOU USE ON YOUR RUNWAYS? It’s that time of year, when Airport runways can quickly turn into hazardous winter wonderlands. Flight delays can be costly and ...
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5 Reasons to Attend a Firefighting Tradeshow

Posted by Tommy Culshaw on August 30, 2017
Tradeshows come in all shapes and sizes, and provide a unique opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the firefighting industry. Firefighting tradeshows are something you want to attend at least ...
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Water, Foam, and Dry Chem – Know your Firefighting Agents!

Posted by Tommy Culshaw on June 16, 2017
There are several types of fires, and also several ways to put them out. The three main fire suppressants used are water, foam, and dry chemicals, and knowing their qualities can help you optimize ...
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5 Ways to Optimize Heavy Machinery Maintenance

Posted by Tommy Culshaw on May 10, 2017
Heavy machinery usually isn’t cheap, and that makes proper maintenance on these investments extremely important. Proper maintenance techniques will help you get the most out of your machinery, and ...
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Why NFPA Standards Should Matter to You

Posted by Tommy Culshaw on August 10, 2015
A little background first. If you are well accustomed to the firefighting industry, then the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is nothing new.  For decades, the NFPA has set guidelines for ...
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The 5 Most Important Aspects of Vehicle Inspection

Posted by Tommy Culshaw on May 29, 2015
For firefighters, seeing their ARFF unit is arguably one of the most exciting times in the process of getting a new truck. Here at Oshkosh Airport Products, customer vehicle inspections are one of ...
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