Oshkosh Airport Snozzle demo


K-factor display screen showing the location of the piercing tip.

Get critical alignment data when responding in heavy rain, fog, and smoke. The Oshkosh® K-Factor™ system rapidly displays the position of the piercing tip to the fuselage, eliminating depth perception issues to maximize precision. Maintain full control over your Snozzle® high-reach extendable turret (HRET) tip and boom while referencing visual and numeric data from the in-cab display.


  • Fuselage detection system displays penetrating nozzle position
  • Provides critical data to display in cab in case of severe environmental conditions
  • Ability to detect fuselage profile and provide user feedback on the perpendicular point of the fuselage for piercing


  • Arms operator with visual and numeric data on the position of the piercing tip to fuselage
  • Readout on distance from piercing tip to surface maximizes alignment


  • Supports piercing tip extensions
  • Simple to use interface screen