Measure foam percentages from every discharge on the vehicle. The new Oshkosh Eco EFP system requires zero foam on the ground for testing foam percentage. Eco EFP measures both the solution and foam flows on the vehicle, and even archives the testing data with a time and date stamp for three years. It’s the only foam measuring system that’s fully integrated on the vehicle.


  • Patent-pending system tests foam percentages using only water
  • Decreases environmental concerns with foam discharging
  • Entire system accessed with one display on the pump panel
  • System prompts provided for easy step-by-step use
  • Ability to test without the expense of using foam

Oshkosh ECO EFP Firefighter Striker


  • Has archive for all data back three years
  • Shows last test data for easy reference
  • Includes time and date stamps
  • Data is downloadable via USB


  • Uniquely configured on-truck with no other equipment needed
  • Simple to use interface screen
  • Measures actual solution flow for highly accurate foam percentage readings
  • Works in conjunction with the Oshkosh electronic foam proportioning system

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