The Oshkosh®
Striker® ARFF

Oshkosh Striker ARFF vehicles on runway

The Third Generation Striker® ARFF Vehicle 

Leading technology in the Striker ARFF vehicle just got better. Upgrades and features were added to the Striker line of products based on customer feedback.

The third iteration of the Striker ARFF vehicle is here.

✔ ERGONOMIC COCKPIT – From the thoughtful placement of buttons and color-coded controls to the simple and quick access via available bus-style doors, the cockpit is designed with the firefighter in mind with a strong focus on human factors.

✔ INCREASED CAB VISIBILITY – With center steer driving and increased glass area, your visibility on approach and at the scene have been significantly enhanced.

✔ UNPARALLELED PERFORMANCE AND SAFETY – The outstanding mobility, speed, performance and reliability you’ve come to expect from the Oshkosh® Striker® ARFF vehicle.

✔ Oshkosh CARE (CARCINOGEN AWARENESS AND REDUCTION TO EXPOSURE) CLEAN OPTIONS – Help manage your carcinogen exposure, Oshkosh is offering options to help address truck cleanliness.

Striker 4x4

The Striker 4x4 offers innovative fire suppression and unmatched chassis performance in a sleek aerodynamic design.

Striker 4x4 on runway

Striker 6x6

Wrapped in a sleek and aerodynamic body, the Striker 6x6 vehicle is offered with a wide range of industry leading innovations.

Striker 6x6 on runway

Striker 8x8

With a water tank that stores 4,500-gallons and a 630-gallon foam tank, the Striker 8x8 goes from 0 to 50mph in less than 25 seconds.

Striker 8x8 on runway

Cab User Experience

Our team of engineers focused on design and ergonomics to build a cab environment comfortable and efficient for your firefighting needs. With a center-focused cockpit, the operator is surrounded by color coded logically placed controls and a 12 in (30 cm) camera display providing you with confidence when challenges arise.


Respond to an emergency in a timely manner with the outstanding acceleration performance of the Striker ARFF vehicle. Each vehicle has a performance acceleration that exceeds latest industry standards. Quick acceleration allows you more time to safely navigate through airport grounds. The Striker truck's lower center of gravity and tight turning radius allows for a controlled and comfortable ride for the operator while improving response time.

TAK-4® Independent Suspension & Rear Steer

Oshkosh designed and built TAK-4 Independent Suspension eliminates bump steer and helps safely operate on challenging terrains. Independent suspension allows for each wheel to react independently creating a dramatically smooth ride. In addition, you can spec your vehicle with rear steer, optional on the 6x6 and standard on the 8x8. Rear steer tightens the vehicle’s turning radius and helps manage the wear and tear on tires.

Snozzle® HRET and K-Factor™

The Snozzle, a high-reach extendable turret (HRET), is available in 50 ft (15.2 m) and 65 ft (19.8 m) configurations. The Snozzle HRET is designed to penetrate the fuselage of an aircraft with a tip length of 36 in (915 mm) at any angle allowing for a clean attack on an internal fire. Additional depth of 12 in (305 mm) can be added to the Snozzle HRET. The K-Factor system assists the operator with precise alignment and helps overcome depth perception challenges. 

Oshkosh® Power Divider

The Oshkosh power divider is a component developed by our team of engineers to meet NFPA 414 Pump and Roll Requirements which allows the vehicle to pump and roll at any speed and time while having constant pressure all with one engine. When operating the Striker ARFF Vehicle, pumping is a smooth and seamless operation giving you the comfort needed to confidently fight any emergency. 

Advance Fire Suppression

The Striker ARFF vehicle is available with advanced fire suppression systems. The standard operating firefighting systems on the Striker ARFF vehicle operate at 250 psi.  An optional high-pressure system is available on a hose reel and operates at 600 psi.  If you require ultra-high pressure water, the vehicle can be optioned so that the entire system operates at 1200 psi.  Increased pressure creates smaller water droplets which enhances heat transfer by covering a larger surface area. To increase foam expansion out of handlines and turrets, specify your Striker vehicle with an Oshkosh® CAFS system. Our foam systems are developed to work with ARFF foams and the new generation of fluorine-free foams. The Striker vehicle also has a clean agent delivery system that supports both Halotron and Novec 1230.

Oshkosh CARE Clean Options

Carcinogen Awareness & Reduction to Exposure (CARE) is central to the Striker cab design. Our CARE clean cab standard features include a flat cab floor made with cleanable materials for an easy “wash out” area to help manage the firefighter’s carcinogen exposure. Additional CARE Clean options to specify on your next truck include cleanable seats, a wash station to rinse boots and other gear before entering the cab, compartment storage of SCBAs and various exhaust extraction devices. 

Cab Visibility

The increased visibility with the Striker ARFF vehicle helps with situational awareness by offering 98 square feet (9.1 square meters) of glass and a 254-degree horizontal viewing plane. The forward visibility has increased to 8.8 feet (2.7 meters). The cab’s outstanding visibility gives you extra awareness when you’re on scene or navigating through an active airfield. 

Access, Filter and Fluid Check

Routine maintenance should not be a hassle for your maintenance crew. The Striker ARFF vehicle offers a walk-in service port, creating easy access for all your filter and fluid check points as well as the engine. Simple access allows for ease of maintenance so your fleet is equipped and ready for emergency response. 

Global Service Network

Oshkosh Airport Products is dedicated to providing customers with unmatched service and support. Across the globe we have resources available to ensure your fleet is always ready for the runway.

ClearSky™ Telematics

Awareness of your fleet’s maintenance needs can help your team to be prepared for an emergency response. ClearSky telematics displays real-time data on your truck and is available at any location and time. An algorithm established by Oshkosh engineers calculates your vehicle’s readiness and alerts you when attention is needed. To be prepared, specify your truck with ClearSky telematics.

ECO EFP™ Test System 

Investing in technology is key for improved vehicle performance. The ECO EFP test system is capable of measuring precise foam percentage readings without dispensing any foam. Each test is time stamped, allowing for accurate and organized data collection. This system holds up to three years of data and can easily be downloaded onto a USB device. This Striker ARFF vehicle feature is easy to use, requiring no manual calculations and is approved by the FAA. Don’t have ECO EFP test system? Retrofit kits are available.

Efficient Engine Options

Here at Oshkosh Airport Products, we strive to provide you with a variety of efficient engine options to meet your department’s needs. On the Striker ARFF vehicle you can specify your vehicle with either a Deutz or Scania engine. Both engines can run on B20 diesel fuel which is 20% biofuel and 80% diesel. These engines also have a SCR after treatment solution which does not require regen.

Sustainable Manufacturing

At Oshkosh we have a team dedicated to inputting sustainable practices company-wide. The manufacturing facility where the Striker ARFF vehicle is assembled has earned the TRUE gold certification. A certification requiring great attention and focus on waste management efforts. Oshkosh Airport Products is also ISO 14001:2015 certified; a certification with standards on environmental management systems within manufacturing facilities. We are very proud of the sustainability efforts that have been put into place at our facilities by our team and we have a strong focus on continuous improvement to decrease our impact on the environment.