Oshkosh Snozzle logo, by Oshkosh Airport ProductsThe Oshkosh® Snozzle® high-reach extendable turret (HRET) arms you against the greatest, most extreme ARFF threats. Choose from a 50 ft. or 65 ft. extendable boom. Unleash your attack from every angle – in the air, on the ground, far below grade. Penetrate fire on both sides of the aircraft with intense precision. Cool tight spaces through door ways and over wing exits without ever stepping foot inside the plane.


Pierce with Confidence

  • Nozzle maneuvers in tight, confined spaces

  • Deliver precise, controlled piercing over the wing, under cargo areas, and from high angles

  • Over 36 in. (914 mm) of penetrating depth with 12 in. (305 mm) extensions available – providing a strong response to cargo fires

  • Apply a powerful 40 ft. (12 m) cold shower pattern of 250 gpm (947 lpm) water, foam, or clean agent

  • Oshkosh designed, built, and supported
  • Ability to pierce upper and lower areas (passenger area and cargo hold) of planes

  • Ability to move boom and nozzle when positioned to attack multiple parts of the plane

The Versatility You Need

Water being sprayed out of extended Snozzle turret.
  • Ability to increase standoff distance for agent application

  • Allows for positioning of the vehicle away from escape slides and triage efforts

  • Permits Theoretical Critical Area (TCA) of fire on both sides of the aircraft

  • Standard LEDs with optional HID lighting for night operations

  • Apply agent at the precise location of the fire

  • Options to discharge dry chemical or clean agent

Low Ground Attack

Striker Volterra hybrid electric ARFF truck parked with Snozzle piercing tip extended.
  • Patented design shoots a full master stream at ground level

  • Quickly and easily cool burning tires and hot brakes

  • Wider spray pattern reaches under the plane, cooling fuel tanks and cargo areas

  • Unparalleled below grade reach



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