A man sitting in an ARFF simulator chair holding a steering wheel and looking at monitors.


The Striker Simulator safely trains your crew for situations that would otherwise be impossible or costly to recreate. With authentic Striker operating tools and graphics that are customizable to your airport, you can tailor a training program as real as the runway.

Oshkosh Striker type three simulator, six screens in front of dual driver seats.


Train on a laptop or a fully immersive wrap-around simulator. The Striker Simulator can be configured around every budgetary and airport protection need.

  • Incorporates airport-specific runway scenarios
  • Covers an extensive range of training initiatives in one program - from driving a Striker to full incident command
  • Simulates lifelike atmospheric elements, such as rain, wind and evening darkness
  • No waste of water, fuel or foam provides a green solution when training
  • Operators can train on scenarios that cannot be realistically or economically replicated in conventional training - using any type of aircraft
Man operating Striker Simulator