TAK-4® Independent Suspension

Driven to Respond.

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Elevate Your Response with Advanced ARFF Mobility

The TAK-4® Independent Suspension system, a standard integration on all new Striker® Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicles, marks a revolutionary enhancement in emergency response vehicle technology. Designed to tackle the demanding requirements of ARFF services, TAK-4 provides excellent vehicle mobility, exceptional driver feedback and the wheel articulation necessary for high-performance scenarios.


TAK-4 Allows for ARFF Navigation with Precision and Stability

ARFF vehicle operators are frequently challenged by the unpredictable terrains of both airfields and crash sites. The Striker ARFF vehicle with TAK-4 Independent Suspension is engineered to excel under these pressures, featuring:

  • High wheel articulation rates, which ensure constant contact with the ground for exceptional control.
  • Refined roll characteristics tailored for ARFF applications, enabling stable navigation at high speeds and during sharp maneuvers.


  • Exceeds the NATO Lane Change Test benchmarks for stability and safety.

The Evolution of Striker ARFF with TAK-4 Suspension

A Legacy of Innovation and Excellence

  • 1996: Introduction of TAK-4 Independent Suspension on the Oshkosh T-Series, setting a new standard for ARFF vehicles.
  • 2000: The first Striker ARFF vehicle launches with TAK-4 Independent Suspension as a standard feature.
  • 2010: The inception of the second-generation Striker ARFF truck with a new design.
  • 2020s: The newest generation models, including the Striker Volterra Electric ARFF, debut and continue the legacy of TAK-4 Independent Suspension.

Why Choose the Striker ARFF with TAK-4 Suspension?

  • Military-Grade Foundation: The TAK-4 suspension system draws from its military design roots, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of any emergency response environment.
  • Proven Resilience: This is not only technology in development but a proven system, refined over years of real-world application and success.
  • Comprehensive Powertrain Integration: The synergy between chassis, engine, transmission, steering and power dividers is optimized for ARFF, ensuring seamless power distribution and performance. Oshkosh is the designer, manufacturer and integrator of the TAK-4 suspension system which allows all components to be optimized for ARFF application.

Striker ARFF's TAK-4 Suspension Versus Municipal Suspension Systems

Beyond the Runway

  • Off-Road Readiness: Unlike municipal vehicles, Striker ARFFs with TAK-4 Independent Suspension are built to perform where there are no roads. ARFF operations require the ability to go off-road due to aircraft incidents sometimes occurring off the runway. Striker ARFF vehicles are equipped to meet and exceed these demands.
  • Truly Independent Suspension: Our TAK-4 system provides genuine independent wheel movement, vital for maintaining industry leading traction and handling on challenging terrains.

Choose Excellence. Choose the Striker ARFF with TAK-4 Suspension.

Opting for a Striker ARFF vehicle with TAK-4 Independent Suspension is choosing a partner in reliability and performance. Contact us today to discover how the Oshkosh Striker vehicle can elevate your ARFF response capability to the next level.

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