Red Striker ARFF truck on a runway

Oshkosh Airport Products Stock ARFF Trucks

Oshkosh Airport Products offers stock Striker® ARFF trucks to customers who are in immediate need of an ARFF vehicle and cannot afford to wait for a normal customized build process. Talk to your Oshkosh sales representative or the sales personnel at your ARFF dealer to learn more.


Stock ARFF Trucks

Are you in urgent need of a reliable Aircraft Rescue Fire (ARFF) truck? Our stock ARFF trucks are ready for immediate delivery, providing a convenient and cost-effective option.

Why Choose a Stock ARFF Truck?

Excellent Condition

Our stock ARFF trucks were originally built as demo vehicles, showcasing the exceptional quality and capabilities of our ARFF vehicles. As standard, our stock ARFF trucks are equipped with the latest innovations and popular features, including center steering, safety lime paint color, FLIR camera system, a low attack high/low flow bumper turret with dry chem and more.

Immediate Delivery

Stock ARFF trucks are already complete, ready for immediate delivery in some cases. It’s important to note you may be able to make some customizations or changes to the completed ARFF unit prior to delivery. While this may extend delivery, the process will still be expedited compared to having to put together a proposal file for a built-to-order ARFF truck.

Cost Effective

If you’re working with a limited budget, our stock ARFF trucks offer an efficient and cost-effective solution. The price of the ARFF unit is locked in at the time of the order, meaning you are going to pay that set price even if there is a price increase in the industry. Since our stock trucks are equipped with the latest innovations and configurations, a stock ARFF truck allows you to get the most out of your budget.

Interested in purchasing a stock ARFF truck? Explore the gallery below to see available stock units, and contact your Oshkosh sales representative or the sales personnel at your ARFF dealer to learn more. Our sales representatives have the experience and knowledge to answer all your questions and help you find the best stock ARFF truck for your department needs.

Act fast! All our stock units are sold on a first come — first serve basis.