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Oshkosh’s Eco EFP- The Next Step in ARFF Foam Testing

All features used on your fire rescue vehicle are required to be tested regularly in order to ensure its effectiveness; why should your foam system be any different? Oshkosh’s Eco EFP is an ARFF foam testing system created by Oshkosh Airport Products and is approved for use by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Not only does it meet the FAA’s standards, but Eco EFP also minimizes the negative environmental impact that foam testing typically has. Keep reading to see how Eco EFP can change the way you test your ARFF foam system.

What is Eco EFP?

Not all FAA approved foam testing systems are alike. Eco EFP is an integrated, on-board solution that uses water instead of foam to measure the percentage of foam and water your truck’s foam system is proportioning. This system measures both the flow rate of the water through the foam flow meter AND the flow rate of water through the solution (water + foam) meter to find the specific discharge percentage rate. This process gives you the most accurate reading to ensure that you are outputting the exact proportions of foam and water that is required by the FAA and NFPA 412.

Why Eco EFP?

With all the necessary preventative maintenance and scheduled testing that goes in to keeping your ARFF truck up mission ready, we want to make sure that foam testing is easy, efficient and effective. With Eco EFP, you can test your foam system in 10-15 minutes while utilizing only one person. Eco EFP stores all test results on the vehicle and the results can be accessed for up to three years (which is in line with FAA record retention requirements).

The versatility of Eco EFP makes it an easy-to-use system that doesn’t require any training. Any operator can verify foam percentage and discharge flow rates as frequently as they desire, even when not in foam testing mode. Because Eco EFP is an automated system with a solution flow meter, there is no room for manual timing or calculation error. Your foam solution rate will be given automatically without the need to calibrate each discharge manually.

The environmental concerns surrounding the use of AFFF foam is a significant challenge for airports and fire stations around the world. The FAA has approved input-based foam testing systems and Oshkosh Eco EFP for use today at your airport. Eco EFP is the simple and easy to use solution from your trusted partner, Oshkosh Airport Products.

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