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Top Five Features of the Striker® ARFF Vehicle

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Oshkosh Airport Products' mission is to deliver the safest and most innovative custom-built vehicles on the runway, including aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) vehicles. Backed by 100 years of heavy-duty truck manufacturing experience at Oshkosh Corporation, Oshkosh Airport Products listens to the customer and provides quality aircraft rescue products built to serve customers' needs. Below are key legacy features which make the Striker ARFF perform and meet this mission.

Oshkosh Striker Cab Interface

ARFF Cab User Experience

The ergonomically designed cab offers more comfort and space than your traditional fire truck, as well as controls and features which allow for one-person operation. An intuitive user’s experience in the cab is essential due to the cab being the primary use interface. In the cab, you will find a 12-inch (30.5-cm) main display. The display has two functionalities: a firefighting control screen powered by the vehicle’s Command Zone™ electrical system and the ability to view different camera options. You will find the cameras offer phenomenal situational awareness around your Striker ARFF vehicle. The camera display showcases four different camera capabilities:

  • Backup camera
  • Infrared cameras
  • Forward-looking scene cameras
  • 360-degree camera

The 360-degree camera provides a bird’s-eye view of the vehicle and can show all sides of the vehicle while in motion. With the click of a button, you can change which camera you would like to view.

The Command Zone system has been updated with new software and graphics. The controls use thoughtfully placed color-coordinated buttons and switches:

  • Blue switch represents water usage
  • Yellow switch represents foam
  • Purple switch represents dry chemical agents
  • White switch represents clean agents such as Halotron

Oshkosh’s Command Zone system has semi-autonomous features including turret deployment, light configurations, user customizations, foam flushing and dry chemical fluffing.

ARFF Vehicle Carcinogen Awareness and Reduction to Exposure (CARE™) Clean Options

CARE clean options are key features which support your airport rescue crew’s health and safety. The program is designed to raise firefighters' awareness of damaging carcinogens.

The Striker vehicle’s CARE clean options include a variety of features to reduce a firefighter’s exposure to carcinogens. Features you can specify on your truck include:

  • Easily washable flat floor
  • Optional cleanable seats
  • Removable and cleanable interior surfaces
  • Optional exterior wash station
  • Compartment storage for SCBA’s
  • Custom add-ons for decontamination showerheads and spray nozzles
  • Various exhaust extraction options

Oshkosh Striker Cab Visibility View

ARFF Vehicle Increased Visibility

Increased visibility enhances the user’s view and allows the operator to see closer to the truck and navigate the airfield safely. The Striker vehicle’s forward visibility has improved by 25-percent compared to past iterations and has a range of 8.8 feet (2.7 m). The horizontal viewing range has improved by five percent and has a range of 254 degrees. The cab’s glass covering improved by 18 percent and has 98 square feet (9.1 m) of combined glass area. The Striker’s unique center-steer feature, compared to the left-side placement on traditional fire trucks, allows for increased visibility from all angles. Windows on the Striker ARFF are made of safety glass which are DOT and ECE certified.

Customized LightingFRONT_END_01 

Runways offer little to no overhead lighting, so the Striker ARFF can come equipped with customizable lighting features, including floodlighting, warning lights, strobes, light towers, specialty lighting and more. Depending on your specific needs, any type of lighting can be added to your truck to increase night-time visibility and improve mission performance and safety.

Safety Features

Oshkosh Airport Products offers engineered features to keep occupants safe during their critical mission. Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is a feature tied in with the braking system which slows the vehicle down by depowering the engine and applying the brakes when it senses an imbalance event due to low friction surfaces.

Side curtain airbags and seat belt pretensioners are an optional system integrated in the cab. During a side rollover event, each seat has added protection to keep the firefighter safe.

Oshkosh ARFF Vehicle Legacy Features

Oshkosh Airport Products’ legacy of innovative technology is still present in the Striker ARFF vehicle today. Features like the Oshkosh Snozzle® high-reach extendable turret (HRET), K-Factor™ system, TAK-4® Independent Suspension, ECO EFP™ system and ClearSky™ Telematics have shown to have impressive features which continues the legacy of the Oshkosh Striker vehicle.

ARFF_SNOZZLE_OUT-Aug-30-2023-07-34-19-9427-PMSnozzle HRET: The Oshkosh Snozzle HRET arms the operator with technology to fight the most extreme emergencies. The Snozzle HRET can reach an attack from any angle with a 50 foot (15.2 m) or 65 foot (19.8 m) extendable boom. With the Snozzle HRET, the operator can reach both sides of the aircraft and get into tight spaces like doorways or exits without having to go inside the plane.

Oshkosh K-Factor System: The K-Factor system is a technology designed to help operators with alignment when piercing using the Snozzle HRET. K-Factor provides information on the Snozzle HRET’s position relative to the fuselage while eliminating depth perception challenges.

TAK-4 Independent Suspension: Oshkosh’s engineered and manufactured independent suspension is the gold standard of mobility for heavy-duty vehicles, equipment and fire apparatus. TAK-4 Independent Suspension increases vehicle mobility, off-road speed, load-carrying capacity and ride quality.


ECO EFP: The operator can measure foam percentages without having to discharge any foam from the vehicle with the ECO EFP (Electronic Foam Proportioning) system. On the pump panel display, the operator will find the measurements of both the solution and foam flows for up to three years.

ClearSky Telematics: Our technology offers maintenance and readiness data for fleet and fire operations while providing notification of any maintenance needs and service issues. ClearSky Telematics alerts you when larger technical issues occur, allowing you to stay on top of routine maintenance, and monitor your entire fleet. This technology gives you total visibility of fleet readiness at a moment’s notice.

Using Innovative Technology to Improve ARFF Vehicle Performance

Throughout years of listening to the customer’s needs and wants, we have implemented some of your best feedback into the Striker ARFF vehicle. Oshkosh Airport Products values improving aircraft rescue vehicle performance, while maintaining key technology features and keeping the Oshkosh legacy strong.

What attributes of the Striker ARFF vehicle do you find most beneficial for the critical work you perform each day? Please respond in the comments below.

For more information about the Striker, or to connect with our knowledgeable Oshkosh Airport Products team, please contact us here.

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