Runway ready 


Get total visibility of fleet readiness without getting bogged down in data drag. Runway Ready telematics master system connectivity without complexity. Reporting services are automated for instant maintenance alerts. These alerts can be managed online with at-a-glance color coding. Every monitor, fault tracker, and notification supports the response of your equipment - in real time, at your desktop or on your phone.


• Provides maintenance and readiness data to fleet and fire operations
• Remote notifications on maintenance needs and service issues
• Proactive monitoring identifies issues before they impact the vehicle
• Readiness feature reveals capabilities of ARFF fleet at any point in time
• Increases vehicle uptime


• Displays water, foam, fuel, and DEF levels
• Eases equipment tracking via web application
• GPS location tracking communicates how/when/where equipment is used
• Fault tracking and notifications provided at a glance


• Rapid access to machine maintenance history
• Diagnoses machine problems
• Reduces unexpected failures and total cost of ownership
• Helps you stay in front of your maintenance


• Available on all new Striker® models
• Factory-installed control unit communicates directly with the drivetrain and firefighting systems
• Through a robust cellular connection, all relevant data is transmitted to your phone or web application
• Oshkosh telematics are fully integrated, comprising the only system designed for Oshkosh ARFF apparatus


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