8x8 Striker on runway


You gave us feedback and we listened. The Striker ARFF vehicle is focused on our customers’ needs. Oshkosh celebrated technologies have been developed through our five core innovation themes: Firefighting, Vehicle, Safety, Reliability and Environment. Our team of engineers have leveraged shared technologies across Oshkosh Corporation to provide the best-in-class Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting vehicle. Your mission is our priority.

Oshkosh ARFF Striker Interior Cab


OSHKOSH® POWER UNITER™ – An Oshkosh designed and manufactured component to meet NFPA 1900 Pump and Roll Requirements by bringing two engines and transmissions into power for the water pump and the vehicle. It allows you to engage the water pump at any time and at any speed.

SNOZZLE® HRET – The Oshkosh Snozzle High Reach Extendable Turret is available in 50 ft (15.2 m) and 65 ft (19.8 m) configurations to allow outstanding reach for your emergency ARFF response. The piercing tip length is designed to reach cargo containers from any angle.

KFactorLogo_4cOSHKOSH K-FACTOR™ Alignment System – The Oshkosh K-Factor system rapidly displays the position of the Snozzle piercing tip to the fuselage, eliminating depth perception issues to maximize precision.

CROSSLAYS – With the optional twin crosslays on the Striker vehicle, you can have up to 600 ft (183 m) of 1¾” (45 mm) hose at your disposal – accessible from either side of the vehicle.

BRONZE PUMP – Long ago, you asked for a corrosion resistant pump body. In response, Oshkosh made it available on the Striker vehicle. That tradition of excellence will continue to forward on the Striker ARFF.

ELECTRONIC FOAM PROPORTIONING – With our pressure governed system, the water pump knows what is required to meet your fire suppression needs and runs the engine just enough to meet those needs. This allows your vehicle to use less fuel – reducing overall wear and tear – yet still perform as only a Striker ARFF vehicle can.

ADVANCED FIRE SUPRESSION TECHNOLOGIES – Firefighters face new challenges every day. The Striker vehicle is designed to be ready for the latest technologies still under development, including ultra high-pressure water, compressed air foam systems (CAFS) and clean agent delivery systems.


CAB USER EXPERIENCE – Designed with the firefighter in mind, the cockpit has ergonomic features, thoughtful placement of buttons and a focus on human factors.

TAK-4® INDEPENDENT SUSPENSION – Developed by Oshkosh, our independent suspension has developed into the gold standard of mobility for heavy-duty vehicles, equipment and fire apparatus. TAK-4 independent suspension enhances vehicle mobility, off road speed, load carrying capacity and ride quality while controlling life cycle costs.

REAR STEER – Available for mechanical rear axle steering providing a shorter turning radius and reduced tire scrub.

LOGICAL CONTROLS – Color-coded controls to clearly identify what function and agent you are utilizing, which allows you to quickly and confidently focus on the task at hand.

ACCELERATION – The Striker ARFF vehicle has superior acceleration performance while meeting the latest US EPA and EU emission requirements. Designed with a low center of gravity and tight turning radius, you’ll confidently drive the Striker vehicle resulting in a controlled ride.

ARFF Striker Side Compartment

inside view of the cab


clean seat inside cab with safety belt

Safety is built into all aspects of the Striker vehicle – from the cab design to the certified testing for static side slope stability and structural integrity.

CAB VISIBILITY – The Striker ARFF offers unparalleled visibility with our center steer driving position. The cab offers 98 ft2 (9.1 m2) of glass, a 254-degree horizontal viewing plane and 8.8 ft (2.7 m) of forward visibility.

ELECTRONIC STABILITY CONTROL (ESC) – ESC is a safety feature tied with the braking system to allow the Striker vehicle to slow down during a rollover event and aid in preventing the vehicle from sliding on low friction surfaces.

360° CAMERA – The Striker ARFF has an available 360° camera, offering a bird’s eye view of the vehicle and its surroundings for increased situational awareness.

OSHKOSH CARE™ (Carcinogen Awareness and Reduction to Exposure) CLEAN CAB – Oshkosh has a variety of optional features to manage firefighter carcinogen exposure. Features include cleanable seats and interior surfaces, exhaust options and custom add-ons like shower heads to help wash off soot, exhaust particles and other carcinogens.

AIRBAGS – The airbag package includes side roll airbags and seat belt pretensioners. The Striker airbag package provides additional safety in the event of an accident.

NITROGEN BOTTLE STORAGE – The Striker vehicle provides excellent access to the vertically stored nitrogen bottles for easy and safe removal and reloading.

view of storage area


Oshkosh vehicles are renowned for their reliability and durability – and the Striker vehicle continues the tradition.

CLEARSKY™ TELEMATICS – Get total visibility of fleet readiness at a moment’s notice. This system allows you to monitor key parameters with automated maintenance alerts to stay updated on your fleet status.

OSHKOSH PROVEN COMPONENTS – At Oshkosh, we do more than build vehicles; we engineer vehicles that move industries forward. Our family of brands share their latest advances across all businesses so we can promise each product will have the latest advances across al businesses so we can continuously improve. The Striker ARFF contains many shared technologies and components to provide top value and products for our customers.

ACCESS – Service technicians say that easy access to the engine compartment is critical. Open the rear door on the Striker vehicle and you will find an exclusive walk-in service port with easy access. And, if necessary, the entire powertrain can be removed for maintenance – without involving the water tank.

FILTER AND FLUID CHECK – The Striker ARFF vehicle has a single, easy to access area with all filters and fluid checks including engine oil, transmission fluid and power divider fluid. One location means you know quickly and confidently that your Striker truck is ready for action.

SERVICEABILITY – Well thought out and well-designed electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic line routing means unsurpassed access to wires, oil and air lines for fast diagnostic time.

GLOBAL SERVICE NETWORK – Our worldwide service dealer network is ready 24/7/365 when you need them.

Oshkosh ARFF Striker Storage



Eco EFP Logo

ECO EFP™ Test System – Easily measure foam percentages from every discharge on the vehicle without discharging foam. With system prompts, one person can use the ECO EFP test system to measure both the solution and foam flow rates and ensure a precise measurement. It archives the test data for up to 3 years with time and date stamps.

SCANIA EFFICIENT ENGINES – Scania efficient engines meet all performance requirements with excellent fuel economy and exceeding the latest engine emissions regulations.

ISO-14001 CERTIFIED FACILITY – The Striker ARFF vehicle is manufactured in an ISO-14001 certified facility, exceeding the latest environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.


Oshkosh ARFF Striker Bus Style Doors