Striker 4x4


When the world around you is at its worst, you need to perform at your best. The Striker lets you lead like never before. Greater fire suppression, control, safety, and versatility maximize your response like no other truck can. Giving you the ultimate weapon against the ever-changing risks, threats, and dangers of ARFF.


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Key Features

Innovative Fire Suppression

CROSSLAYS –With the optional twin crosslays on the new Striker, you can have up to 600 feet (183 m) of 1¾” (45mm) hose at your disposal– accessible from either side of the vehicle.

LARGE PUMP OPTION – Larger planes mean greater challenges. Oshkosh offers an optional 2650 gpm (10,031 lpm) pump to provide all of the water and/or foam you will need to meet these challenges.

BRONZE PUMP – Long ago, you asked for a corrosion resistant pump body. In response, Oshkosh made it available on the Striker. That tradition of excellence carries forward on the new Striker.

ELECTRONIC FOAM PROPORTIONING –With this all new pressure governed system, the water pump knows what is required to meet your fire suppression needs and runs the engine just enough to meet those needs. This allows your vehicle to use less fuel – reducing overall wear and tear – yet still perform as only a Striker can.

ADVANCED FIRE SUPRESSION TECHNOLOGIES – Firefighters face new challenges every day. The new Striker is designed to be ready for the latest technologies still under development, including ultra high-pressure water, compressed air foam systems (CAFS), and clean agent delivery systems.

Unmatched Chassis Performance

The Striker provides fast acceleration – a full second faster to 50 miles per hour – and delivers increased fuel economy from the 697 hp Tier 4i/Euro 5 emissions compliant engine. It also delivers a lower center of gravity, tighter turning radius and, with the help of TAK-4® all-wheel independent suspension, the Striker delivers a confident and controlled ride.

LIGHTER WEIGHT – The Striker is designed to be lighter by 5%. What does that mean to you? Faster acceleration, for one thing. Also, better stopping distance. Best of all, it still possesses that quality and toughness that Oshkosh is known for.

Advanced Safety Systems

Safety is built into all aspects of the Striker – from the cab design to the certified testing for static side slope stability and structural integrity.

IMPROVED BRAKE TORQUE – With our new disc brake option we have improved brake torque by 11%. So, when you need to stop, you stop.

NITROGEN BOTTLE STORAGE – The Striker provides excellent access to the vertically stored nitrogen bottles for easy and safe removal and reloading.

Unsurpassed Reliability and Durability

Oshkosh vehicles are renowned for their reliability and durability–and the new Striker continues the tradition.

ACCESS – Service technicians told us that easy access to the engine compartment is critical. Open up the rear door on the Striker and you will find an exclusive walk-in service port with easy access. And, if necessary, the entire powertrain can be removed for maintenance – without involving the water tank.

FILTER AND FLUID CHECK –The Striker has a single, easy to access area with all filters AND fluid checks including: engine oil, transmission fluid, and power divider fluid. One location means you can know, with confidence and in no time at all, that your Striker is ready for action.

SERVICEABILITY – Well thought out and well designed electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic line routing means unsurpassed access to wires, oil, and air lines for faster diagnostic time.

24/7/365 SERVICE – Our worldwide service dealer network is ready when you need us.

Smart Design

VISIBILITY – With 84 square feet of glass and a 238-degree horizontal viewing radius at eye level, the Striker offers unparalleled visibility. Utilizing the Oshkosh center steer driving position, you will feel like you are in the cockpit of a fighter jet.

FORWARD VISIBILITY - We have improved your ability see the ground below you. NFPA requires you to see 20 feet out from the front bumper. The Striker allows you to see 12.3 feet. You will have to sit in this cab to believe it.

ERGONOMICS – Completely redesigned cab instrumentation is logical and purpose built. Through extensive ergonomic research with users around the world, we observed how you used the vehicle and designed each control, switch, and instrument to be intuitive and ready when you are.

LOGICAL CONTROLS – Color-coded controls to clearly identify what function and/or what agent you are utilizing, allows you, quickly and with confidence, focus on the task at hand.

IMPROVED STORAGE – You said you needed more dedicated storage. We listened. With over 63 cubic feet (1.8 m3), the Striker has plenty of room for everything you could possibly need.



  • Top Speed: 70 mph (113 km/hr)
  • Side Slope Stability (Static): ≥ 30°
  • Gradeability: Ascend/descend a 50% grade
  • Turning Diameter: 84.5 ft. (25.75 m)
  • Dimensions:
    • Length - 426 in. (1082 cm)
    • U.S. Width - 120 in. (305 cm)
    • European Width - 118 in. (300 cm)
    • Height without HRET - ≤ 140 in. (356 cm) (with full water tank) 


  • Engine: Scania DC16, Deutz TCD16.0, Emission Rating Available; US Tier 4f/EU Stage IV, US Tier 4i/EU Stage IIIB/Euro 5 Compliant; US Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA/ Euro 3
  • Transmission: Allison 4800 EVS transmission; electronic/7-speed/automatic
  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Cab: 5-person seating; aluminum frame construction with center steering position; wrap-around, cockpit style instrument panel; easy-read backlit gauges and controls
  • Transfer Case: Oshkosh; independently mounted; torque proportioning differential and driver selected locking mechanism
  • Front Axle: 31,000 lb. (14061 kg); Oshkosh double reduction with bevel gear differential; driver operated differential lock (transverse and separate front to back)
  • Front Brakes: Drum brakes standard (Rockwell Dual Actuator Air); optional disc brakes available (17” Rotor Bendix SN7 sliding caliper)
  • Rear Axle: 31,000 lb. (14,061 kg); Oshkosh double reduction with bevel gear differential; driver operated differential lock
  • Rear Brakes: S-cam type; air/drum brake standard; disc brake available
  • Suspension: Oshkosh TAK-4 independent system with dual control arms and single coil spring; up to 16 in. (40.6 cm) of wheel end travel with superior all-terrain mobility, ride quality and handling
  • Air conditioning: 60,000 BTU Cooling capacity
  • Heat: 80,000 BTU Heating capacity
  • Tires: 24R21 all-terrain radial
  • GVWR: 62,000 lb. (28123 kg)
  • Wheelbase: 219 in. (556 cm)

Fire Fighting System

  • Roof Turret: Non-aspirating and aspirating options available, electric joystick control; 375/750 gpm, (1420/2839 lpm), options available up to 1,585 gpm (6000 lpm)
  • Bumper Turret: Non-aspirating and aspirating; electric joystick control; 300 gpm (1136 lpm), higher flow turret options available
  • Handlines (Foam/Water): Two preconnect type (one each side) with up to 300 ft. (46 m) of 1.75 in. (44 mm) ID hose and a 125 gpm (473 lpm) pistol-grip nozzle
  • Water Tank: 1,500 gallon (5678 l) capacity; constructed of corrosion and UV resistant polypropylene
  • Foam Tank: 210 gallon (795 l) capacity; constructed of corrosion and UV resistant polypropylene
  • Fire Pump: Power divider driven Waterous CRQB; single stage centrifugal; cast iron body; brass impeller; stainless steel shaft; pump and-roll capable; 2000 gpm (7511 lpm)
  • Optional Waterous CRUQB high flow pump – 2650 gpm (10031 lpm)
  • Optional Brass/Bronze pump
  • Foam Proportioning System Around the Pump
  • Advanced Firefighting Technology Ready
  • Ultra high pressure water
  • High pressure water
  • Quad Agent (Water, Foam, Dry Chemical, Clean Agent)
  • Compressed Air Foam System


This is a partial listing of major options.
Additional and special request options are also available.

  • Swing Out Hose Reels: 150 ft. (46 m) hose bundled with water/foam or 100 ft. (30 m) water/foam hose with dry chemical
  • Crosslays: Up to 2 crosslays each with up to 300 ft (91 m) of of 1.75” (44 mm) hose per crosslay with 2 preconnects (1 each side)
  • Disc brakes (outboard mounted)
  • Central Tire Inflation
  • Winterization System: For temperatures extreme as -40º F/C
  • Hydraulic generator: 10kW or 15kW options
  • Auxiliary lighting
  • High Reach Extendable Turret (HRET)
  • High Volume, Fixed Mount or Low Attack Bumper Turrets: 1,250 gpm (4732 lpm) capacity
  • Dry Chemical System: Single agent or dual agent handline and/or primary turret discharge capability
  • Central Lube System
  • Hydro-Chem™ Direct Injection: Dry chemical nozzle for primary turret and/or dual agent handline discharge
  • Clean Agent System: Single agent or dual agent handline, and/or HRET discharge capability
  • Electronic Foam Proportioning
  • Waterous CRUQB High Flow Pump: 2,650 gpm (10031 lpm)
  • Brass/Bronze Pump
  • Electirc Ladder Gantry
  • Shelving: Roll Out, Fixed, Tilt Down
  • Ultra High Pressure System
  • Coil Spring Solid Axle
  • Fold-Up Doors
  • Aluminum Skin Tank
  • Power Doors on Rear Engine Compartment

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